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December 16th, 2016

05:07 pm: Gambling Podcast: Episode II - Sin Cities Around the World
Gambling Podcast: Ep II - Sin Cities Around the World

It's cold and desperate outside. You know what it means? It's high time to go on a VACATION! And not just on a family-beach-all-inclusive-holiday somewhere in Bali. On a true gambling vacation! Ceasars Casino or Fallsview Resort - nah, it's just too easy. How about real journey somewhere to Macau or Singapore? Sounds ok! The listen to 2nd episode of my Gambling Podcast here.

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December 8th, 2016

01:15 pm: Gambling Podcast: Episode I - Blackjack Explained
Blackjack Basics

Hi to everyone. Today I'm presenting you the latest work of mine. Podcast series called 'Gambling Guide' has a goal to highlight the core of the gambling. You probably saw loads of gambling-related materials on the Web. You probably even read them and might have noticed that the quality of these materials leaves much unspoken. After reading this type of 'how to win' information you find yourself kinda left in limbo. So-called gambling experts are in hurry to teach you how to win but few of them try to warn you and tell all the pitfalls and things in gambling that could lead you to the bad outcome. In the first episode, I'm going to explain the basics of the blackjack game. How not to get fooled, control yourself and succeed in the blackjack. Unfortunately, here I cannot insert the episode itself. So, if you got interested and want to proceed to listen to the first episode please click on the following link:

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